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TMD Air Conditioners Keep You Cool While Boating

Before air conditioning was invented, people suffered through heat waves and sickening humidity with fans, and well, stoicism. Seneca, the ancient stoic philosopher, mocked the young people of his time for trying to beat the heat instead of bearing the misery like a “real” Roman. To modern stoics and curmudgeons, air conditioning may seem like…

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TMD Marine Air Conditioning – The Best a Boat Can Get

It may sound over-confident, but TMD Marine is convinced that their lineup of marine air conditioning units are the best a boat can get. Why? From the development to the engineering, to the efficiency and support, the track record and clients’ feedback doesn’t lie. TMD believes that all boat owners (and their crew) should have…

Cool boat Cabin

Spring Is Here! Harness the Power of a Cool Cabin

Before temperatures rise this Summer, now is the time to start thinking about keeping vessels cool and dry, especially as the humidity kicks in. Many boat owners will be evaluating whether or not they want to spend another season trying to tolerate their old air conditioning unit, or if they are ready to try something…

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TMD Marine Air Conditioners vs. Conventional Systems

With a TMD Marine air conditioner, we eliminated the power pull to almost half of what traditional air conditioners offer. We knew, to convince mariners to switch from a conventional generator-based unit, we would have to produce an efficiently designed unit with an impressive performance that costs boaters less money.